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Default Re: My First 'Official' Mock of 2013

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
My Third and Final Mock Draft Pre-Draft

Post Pro Days

R1. Jarvis Jones - Outside Linebacker / Georgia

This is a very real possibility. His spinal stenosis combined with his poor pro day performance could drop him to 17. At this point, Mike Tomlin and LeBeau commence the biggest bro hug and cry tears of joy because they just drafted the best pass rusher in this years draft. The football gods obviously felt bad about taking Roethlisberger away and are giving us this little treat as a 'we're sorry guys'. I don't need to go into how talented this kid is - go to YouTube and search "Jarvis Jones" and see for yourself. Jones and a healthy Woodley makes for a rejuvenated pass rush.

R2. Matt Elam - Safety / Flordia

This is going to surprise some people but in reality, there's a very good chance he'll be sitting here in the second round at pick 48. If you go and look at who's picking ahead of us and has a real, gaping hole need for Safety, it's not a lot of teams. In fact, I count one - the 49ers. At that point, San Fran will either take Eric Reid or Jonathan Cyprien - whomever is on the board out of those two remaining picks. There's been some chatter around these boards that the Bengals might, but they have more pressing needs than picking up a Safety (like a WR to play with AJ). This kid can hit. Oh boy can he hit. While his coverage skills need some work (and by some work, I mean a lot of work) but he plays like Polamalu. He's a punishing hitter that uses his instincts. His ability to step up into the box and stop the run or lay out a hit on a receiver crossing the middle is unreal.

R3. Le'Veon Bell - Running Back / Michigan State

Franchise. That's all I can say for Bell - franchise. This kid has 'it'. He's deceptively fast for a bigger guy and has the agility and quickness to make quick cuts in and out of the hole. What's most impressive, however, is his second gear. He has the ability to pull away from Linebackers and pick up huge chunks of yardage while running over CBs that try and tackle him. He's our franchise Running Back. This kid to me, runs a lot like Adrian Peterson. While he doesn't have the pure speed that AD possesses, he has the cut-ability and the toughness that AD has.

R4. Bacarri Rambo - Free Safety / Georgia

1 - 2 punch. That's all I can say when we draft both Matt Elam and Bacarri Rambo in this draft. This kid has his issues, but along with Elam, he can make the backfield a very uncomfortable place for receivers to run. Do you remember the Washington game earlier this year? Their receivers were dropping the ball left and right because they heard footsteps - that's the kind of thing Matt Elam and Bacarri Rambo can provide: a backfield where receivers will be scared to catch the ball. While his coverage skills need some work, I trust Carnell Lake to work with him and work on his over the top coverage so Elam can go around and punish the people that decide to catch the ball. A secondary that has the coverage ability of Taylor and Allen with the toughness and ferociousness that Elam and Rambo bring is something I can sign up for.

R5. Rodney Smith - Wide Receiver / Florida State

6'5 225 lbs. He's the target Roethlisberger has been asking for. I'm standing by what I said in my previous mock - this kid has the potential to be a top 10 receiver in this league if given the right pieces and coaching. He was a monster for Florida State. While there are legitimate concerns about his game at times, if he's playing alongside guys like Brown and Sanders, that shouldn't be a problem.

R6. Dion Sims - Tight End / Michigan State

I don't think this is a need, but I think if he's on the board when we pick here it becomes a no-brainer type pick. He's versatile, agile and is a stud in the run-block game. He can give Paulson or Spaeth relief and the offense wouldn't skip a beat. Line him up next to Adams in the running game and watch Bell make plays in the secondary. This is a pick that just makes sense and, on top of everything else, he has some pretty good hands, too.

Compensatory R6. Michael Mauti - Linebacker / Pennsylvania State

I'm not going to back down from what I said in my previous mock - I'm not quite sure what the rest of you guys are seeing with this kid. He plays with passion and has a fire in his belly, granted, but when I threw on some film of him, he doesn't scream to me "elite Linebacker". No one can argue that he loves the game of football - that's undeniable - but one can question his skillset and whether or not it compliments what we're trying to do with Lawrence Timmons. I guess this is the ultimate 'boom or bust' pick for us.

R7. Kapron Lewis-Moore - Defensive End / Notre Dame

This is a pick that's mainly for depth purposes if I'm being honest. He does possess a pretty good skillset and flashed potential early this year, but he seemed to fade away in games too often and not make enough splash plays for him to be considered earlier on. He was someone that garnered six sacks earlier this year and showed a nose for the backfield, but I don't know if that is going to translate into NFL success. This, again, is a boom or bust pick. I think the best case scenario for this kid is a Brett Keisel-type role which I wouldn't argue with. The similarities between those two are pretty evident and we might find our stud defensive end for the next decade again in the seventh round.
i'd be licking my chops at a draft like that..
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