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Default Re: Hines Ward does The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
Why? For lack of a better villain?

He's only got an army of three now. How is he even a threat? Let him ride off into the sunset.

The attack on the prison started off really solid and then ended in a confusing retreat.

If the Governor had simply shot two or three of the people and then frightened the rest back to fight again, I could have bought that, but shooting your whole "army" - that's Rick-scale stupid....seems like the writers took the easy way out, all this massive "tension and drama" for the finale kinda went nowhere.

So now we're left with a busload of meh town rejects. New extras to feed to the walkers?

Hopefully they move beyond the prison, because another season sitting around in a structure, instead of battling it out on the road, isnít going to cut it......

The Prison = The Farm all over again....with no chance of being over-run - where's the drama?
The Governor is still a threat not only because he's lost his mind, but also because he will now regroup and come after Rick & Company once again. The Governor is out for revenge and he will stop at nothing to get it. We will see him again. Rick & Company are not safe at the prison as it's already been infiltrated on more than one occasion, but do they think The Governor will return? That is the question. I think he will.

Carl is a little pissant and I agree with SteelerCanada that Rick should have slapped him silly for his little tantrum and the disrespect shown towards his father, but at this point, I think Carl is the only person who would actually kill The Governor with no qualms whatsoever.

This season has irritated me not only for its slow pace, but also because they expect me to believe that all those people wouldn't kill The Governor on sight. It insults my intelligence and makes it hard for me to want to continue to watch the show.
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