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Default Re: Evil Dead Remake

Originally Posted by SteelersCanada View Post
We don't get Hulu in Canada. :(

I was -11 when the original Evil Dead came out. I hope that gives me a pass!

I've heard that it was pretty good though, I'll have to check them out. I won't judge them too harshly on the special effects, they have to be better than 99% of recent horror movies.

I hope your friend is ok too!
Thanks for the well-wishes for my friend. He's only getting shoulder surgery, but he has a rare heart birth defect that has plagued him with serious issues his whole life. Any type of surgery is touchy for him and he's already far exceeded his life expectancy. I expect he'll be fine as he had hip replacement surgery last year and everything went well, but he did almost die a couple of years ago.

I'll give you a pass considering your youth.... but only if you rush out and watch these movies ASAP and report back with a full term paper and review on them right away. There are no excuses now!

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