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Default Who Likes Baseball Here?

I've been a huge fan of baseball and played baseball ever since I can remember, As much fun as it is to play and watch to me, football is definitely more fun to watch. Regardless I am a huge yankee fan my self, being from new york it's hard not to be. I am watching them destroy the indians tonight, it was thought that this was going to be a horrible april this year due to all of the injuries (jeter, granderson, teixeria and a rod are all out for at least april (a rod till the all star break) but we have more home runs at this point this year than we did last year. Robinson Cano is on FIRE so Is Kevin Koukalis. The Yankees are the steelers of baseball. When I play, I pitch it is truly my passion, I may never get past double A because I am once again going to miss at least a month because of my leg which I broke almost 10 years ago and made me miss my senior year of highschool, anyways enough about me, Lets talk baseball why not? it aint football season
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