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Default Re: The holes on Steelers roster? Blame them on the Class of 2008

Originally Posted by pczach View Post
See, in his mind the problem wasn't the players they drafted or the people that drafted them. It was that they wanted to get offensive players to help the offense(in his mind Big Ben), and that Ben is not a great quarterback, nor will he ever be. So I guess he thinks we should never draft another offensive player high in the draft again.

He does think Mike Wallace is the greatest receiver ever though. Look at the sig at the bottom of his posts. So he's go that going for him.
First of all, I never use "we" when talking about the Steelers. I feel that language should be reserved for players, coaches and other employees of the team.

Secondly, it doesn't matter what I think. The Steelers have made a habit out of alternating which side of the ball they draft first on from year to year. This is the year for defense.

Thirdly, I am incredulous that you don't understand my sig was strictly intended to be entertaining.

Lastly, Ben is not a great quarterback nor will he ever be. Roethlisberger is a very good quarterback and has played very well in some big games. He is the team's franchise quarterback and I have not heard one person say he should be replaced.

Do you think Roethlisberger is a HOF quarterback? I do not. If you do I guess he will have to wait until after Eli Manning gets in because Eli has the same number of Superbowl wins (and not one but two SB MVP awards) and his team is top 10 in offense year after year after year like clockwork.
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