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Default Re: Steelers should go no huddle a lot more often

I think there may be some confusion as to what we are discussing here. I see people claiming he is good at the no huddle based on end of half, end of game scenarios. ALL teams employ the no huddle or hurry up in these scenarios especially if they are behind (end of game) and when there is very little time left on the clock. Typically QBs will fare well during this time and put up big numbers when facing a defense that is allowing underneath routes and over the middle so as to keep the play in front of them and the clock moving. I think it's hard to argue that Ben is any worse or better than most in these instances. What I think BR was talking about when requesting to run the no huddle more, and what I am referring to when I say he is not capable of being successful at when, during a catch the defense w/poor personnel on the field and quickly go into a no huddle offense to take advantage of the match ups.

For instance, we are playing the's first down..they move their tight end out as a receiver making it four wide...Manning completes a short pass to Stockley...seeing as Hampton is still on the field as well as Farrior trying to cover the TE...Manning immediately goes into a no huddle and marches them down the field. This of course is just an example..but it requires total mastery of your offense and their defensive personnel.and being able to diagnose these conditions on the fly. This can happen at any time of the game and Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees and soon to join them...Luck, all can do this, and do it well. I am saying BR isn't adept at this. I don't believe he can process the information quickly enough. QBs that can do this also excel in the areas that Ben does poorly i.e. taking what the defense gives you, getting rid of the ball quickly, hitting the underneath route, audibles, and clock management. All of these are traits a 'thinking' QB has. Ben is most def. not a thinking man's QB. He is a physical freak with uncanny pocket presence and escapability, who throws well on the run and in the pocket. I will take that but at times I wish he was a little more cerebral because it holds him back. So instead of developing into a sure fire first ballot HOF I thought he was going to be, he is struggling to maintain top 10 QB in the league right now. But to listen to many here you'd think he was among the all time greats because he has two rings. As if his play in the first SB had anything to do with winning (yeah, I get that his play helped get us there, I am talking about winning that particular game) and his play since the SB loss to GB hasn't left a lot to be desired. His lack of offensive line, his receivers w/all their drops, his bad offensive coordinators, his bad defenses, his's always some excuse as to why he is struggling or why our offense is never very good. He is the common denominator. He doesn't get all the blame but to many fanboys he gets none.
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