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Default Re: Draft Pick Value Chart

This chart is a great resource. I think it quantifies the value of each selection, not necessarily the value of the player who is picked. For example, we've all seen top picks turn out to be busts - Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith - and late rounders become superstars - Tom Brady.

Something that strikes me is the Redskins trade for Robert Griffin III last year. The table here does NOT do justice to what the Redskins gave up. Washington traded up from #6 to #2. They gave away the #6 pick, the #39 selection, the 22nd selection this year, and a 1st-rounder in next year's draft.

If we use the table above, the value equates to:

#2 pick in 2012 (RG III) minus #6 pick : 2600-1600 = 1000
#39 pick in 2012 - 510
#22 pick in 2013 - 780
Total value = 1890 + 1st rounder in 2014

Based on this calculation:

According to the value of picks, the chart suggests the Redkins gave up a TON to trade up just 4 spots. If one crunches the numbers, it looks like the price was astronomical. To me, numbers like this did not come into play for the trade. The Rams must have known Washington was after RGIII, and decided to charge a premium to move down.
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