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Default Re: NBA center Jason Collins just came out

Originally Posted by caplovestroyp43 View Post
I DO choose to be heterosexual. I love crotches WAAAAAAAAAAY too much for my barn door to swing in the opposite direction. funny as that is, you're basically admitting that you're sexually attracted to women as well, you just choose not to act on it.

Only other rational logic here is that you're just attracted to men, and there's really no choice in it. Sort of like you don't choose what you like to eat, you just like what you like. I know I couldn't ever choose to not like steak and lobster, and I couldn't choose to like cold pasta salads. I either like them or I don't. It's the same principle for who you are sexually attracted to.

Originally Posted by caplovestroyp43 View Post
That's not necessarily true Mom. Here's why I say that. I work in a call center and we do things for the Conservative/Republican causes and I have talked to several people from Russa who have said they recognize that Ovomit is trying to turn us into a dictorial/communist state. Hell, he was raised by commies and marxist parents and relatives! That is common knowledge.
Sure, if you say so. A communist nation would never allow their gov't to even consider the idea of corporate lobbyists and interest groups though.
Look at these eyebrows. These are attack eyebrows! They could take off bottle caps!
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