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Default Re: Unpopular opinions you hold

Originally Posted by jacobo View Post
Thought this would be interesting. Lay out any opinion you have about the Steelers (maybe the NFL as whole) that goes against the grain. Don't troll like an asshat, actually mean what you're saying and be prepared to back it up.

I'll start it off with one that would get laughed at by sports pundits and fan almost everywhere. Ben is as good as any quarterback playing today and should be mentioned in the same air as the Bradys and Mannings. He's always had a mediocre offense and the consistently worse line in the league, but always won and usually put up great numbers to boot. He gets buried by most people because of the retarded "Steeler-way" mystique that people can't get around, never put up huge numbers like Manning because he never had top-tier weapons, always had a good defense, and of course the off the field shit. There's not a dude I want playing qb for this team more than Ben.

I'll add some more if this takes off, but I think a controversial Ben comment should do it itself.
I can't say I disagree with you. Brady and Peyton would've retired due to injuries with the line we've had.......and Fuckin Flacco benefited this past year from throWing moon balls and having tough-nosed receivers going up for the ball....we pass block and open holes for the running game , I'll take Ben.
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