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Default Re: Good Ben pics

Thanks Brian.....I was at that game! It was at Heinz Field West right. I almost got beat up twice.....Why are Bengals fans so crazy? I was looking for my seat but I was one section over (I was wearing a Plax jersey) and a Bengals fan yells "Hey Plax sit the f*** down" and then the whole section started pointing along with a chant......You suck, You suck, You suck. It was embarassing. Then I went to the bathroom and it was like half Steelers fans and half Bengals fans. All the Bengals fans were chanting Steelers suck, and all the Steeler fans were chanting Bengals suck......all you could here coming from the bathroom was blah blah sucks. :) It was funny.

Question.....How do you feel when you go to those games and see half Steelers fans and half Bengals fans.....It is crazy. You gotta respect the turnout of Steelers fans. You look around the stadium and see just as much black and gold as black and orange. Last year was not as bad as some previous years. I swear I have been to a game where it was 60% Steelers Fans. They were waiting for them to open the gates yelling Heinz Feild West.
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