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Originally Posted by BigBen2Ward
Thanks Brian.....I was at that game! It was at Heinz Field West right. I almost got beat up twice.....Why are Bengals fans so crazy? I was looking for my seat but I was one section over (I was wearing a Plax jersey) and a Bengals fan yells "Hey Plax sit the f*** down" and then the whole section started pointing along with a chant......You suck, You suck, You suck. It was embarassing. Then I went to the bathroom and it was like half Steelers fans and half Bengals fans. All the Bengals fans were chanting Steelers suck, and all the Steeler fans were chanting Bengals suck......all you could here coming from the bathroom was blah blah sucks. :) It was funny.

Question.....How do you feel when you go to those games and see half Steelers fans and half Bengals fans.....It is crazy. You gotta respect the turnout of Steelers fans. You look around the stadium and see just as much black and gold as black and orange. Last year was not as bad as some previous years. I swear I have been to a game where it was 60% Steelers Fans. They were waiting for them to open the gates yelling Heinz Feild West.
I go to the game every year in Cincy except last year. Every year (even the year I was pregnant) I had some stupid fans saying crap the whole time. I never even sit in my seat...I stand in the corner of the enzone right behind the 1st section. There was one year I went with my family and my dad had to pull me back from some guys who had no clue what they were talking about. I really can't believe the stuff I hear out of some of those guys mouths. (I will say I have come across some cool people there too, but mostly just). It is fun however, seeing so many Steelers fans there. I always joke around and call it our "home away from home" I have also noticed the Steeler fans seem to make more noise than the Bengals from start to finish. I know it embarasses Bengals fans because I hear it every year. I go to Pittsburgh every year also, and have honestly not witnessed anything like it there. Even the Bengal announcers talk about how embarrassing it is to see so much Black and Gold all over the city (inside and outside the stadium). I also tape eveery Steeler game and it's sometimes fun to watch them because from just listening to the crowd noise and not looking at the ugly orange and black on the would think they were in Pittsburgh!!!
I also know its that way when the Browns are in's just not as evident because they are similar colors. For years those would be the only 2 home games that would be televised around here because Steeler and Browns fans bought all the tickets!
I know if that was us...I would be embarrassed!!! But we don't have to worry about that!!!
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