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Default Re: To my steeler buddies

Originally Posted by BengalBrian
The best part about this coming season is so many of you think we cant 'bring it' when we play you or anyone for that matter.. Go ahead and chant on 'bungle bungle bungle'.. But the truth is, those days are over and our team has made huge strides and its going to take everyone by surprise as it started when we beat the undefeated Chiefs.. It didnt end there as we later came back in a less than 2 minute comeback victory IN pittsburgh against you guys.. WITH KITNA!!! Then we stomped the champions in preseason.. We pulled our first string out in the first quarter and dillon was STILL trying to produce in the third. Then we came back on the Ravens, then almost the Pats IN NE!.. Comeon people.. You talk about how we talk out our asses but all you can talk about it how we havent been to the playoffs in 15 years.. Gimme a break.. Would you put money on going 2-0 on us this season? I sure the hell wouldnt
Brian, Brian, Brian. First let me start by saying I believe you guys will bring it this year. Do I believe you are Super Bowl bound??? NO! Playoff bound??? Possibly as a wild card (but 8-8 or even 9-7 won't get you there)! A Season abouve 500 bound??? for your true fans I hope so, life has been too depressing for you guys.
Now on to your comment. You talk about beating the Chiefs 2 yrs. ago...stranger things have happened (eg. Miami beating New England...who really thought that would happen??? but it did.) Next you talk about beating us. Well that year we didn't have it, let me remind you, you beat a team that finished 6-10 and wasn't playing the typical Steelers football of pounding the ball down the opposing teams throughts-well we're back!!! Then you talk about the Pats in PRESEASON!!! #1 there is a reason those games don't count on your's's a time to find out what kind of depth you have and it's a race to see who gets what roster spots. Every year the Bengals have a good preseason...that really doesn't mean anything at all and I'm sick of hearing Bengal fans talk about their preseason victories. When it comes to the Steelers, I don't care what the score is, I care about how our guys play, how our depth is, and I get to see how the rookies do for the first time. That's what makes it exciting to me....But I think for others it gives them a false sense of Security! Now on to your comebacks...we had some good comebacks too (at Dallas for example). It's a new year! The bottom line is, every year we hear the same thing in the offseason, and every year it leads to disapointment for you guys. I'm not saying this year will be the same, but I'm not saying it will be any different either. I think you guys will give us 2 great games this year and there is a possiblity you beat us once...and NO I never bet on the Steelers for anything (don't want to jinx them).
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