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Default Re: Has The Steelers Offense Improved Enough?

As I see it, this is their overall chart for offense:

QBs 2012:
1. Roethlisberger
2. Leftwich
3. Batch

QBs 2013:
1. Roethlisberger
2. Gradkowski
3. Jones

Ruling: Improvement
Reason: The talent level hasn't changed much, but the durability and youth in the backups makes a significant difference here.

RBs 2012:
1. Dwyer
2. Redman
3. Mendenhall
4. Rainey
5. Batch

RBs 2013:
1. Dwyer
2. Redman
3. Bell
4. Stevens-Howling
5. Batch

Ruling: Improvement
Reason: No change in average age necessarily, but Mendenhall had essentially reached his peak and begun his decline. Bell is a fresh set of legs with lots of upside. Stevens-Howling will provide for a nice 3rd down back that has been missing in recent years.

FB 2012:
1. Will Johnson

FB 2012:
1. Will Johnson

Ruling: Improvement
Reason: A year of experience will certainly help. He seemed to really step into this role last year.

TEs 2012:
1. Miller
2. Pope
3. Paulson

TEs 2013:
1. Miller
2. Spaeth
3. Paulson

Ruling: Improvement
Reason: Spaeth is a much better player than Pope, and has stepped in for Miller nicely in the past.

WRs 2012:
1. Wallace
2. Brown
3. Sanders
4. Cotchery
5. Burress

WRs 2013:
1. Brown
2. Sanders
3. Cotchery
4. Burress
5. Wheaton

Ruling: Minor Downgrade
Reason: It will take some time for Wheaton to step into Wallace's role. When that does happen however, there can be lots of promise. For now though, we are still missing a big-time play-making WR.

OL 2012:
LT: Starks
LG: Colon
C: Pouncey
RG: Foster
RT: Gilbert/Adams/Beachum

Depth: Legursky, Malecki

OL 2013:
LT: Gilbert
LG: Foster
C: Pouncey
RG: DeCastro
RT: Adams

Depth: Beachum, Malecki, Golic, Whimper

Ruling: Improvement
Reason: Added experience plus healthiness. For once, there is plenty of depth on the O-Line and legitimate starters at each position. Can't complain.

So, with that, I think the offense will be much improved.
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