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Originally Posted by fer522 View Post
Not really liking the new die hard movie
They have quickly gone downhill.

Die Hard: The greatest action flick of all time. Why? The hero is fallible. He smokes, he gets beaten up, he gets shot, his foot gets gashed, and his clothes get dirty (they did a careful job of making his shirt progressively turn more & more ashy). The twist at the end (the terrorists are nothing more than theives "Exceptional theives" but theives nonetheless) is great. And, that jump from the building, with the firehose wrapped around his waist... priceless.

Then, there was the sequel, which was alright.

Then, the only thing good about the third one was Samuel L. Jakcson... mutha fucka!!! Brain teasers... really? reeeally? reeeeeally?

The fourth one had John McClain knocking a plane out fo the sky with his car. Uh... Jumanji is more believable.

Ergo, when I saw the trailers for the fifth installment, I winced.
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