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Default TIM LUMBER: Memorial Day SQUEELER FANS....10pm ONE LAST WAR!

2 Years ago, i STOMPED every damn Squeelers fans FACE in the MUD who stepped up. I was banned from everysite cause what else could they do....WHEN THEY couldnt out talk me. NATE wanna call me out? Let me tell you something NERD....the Ravens just won the SUPER BOWL....Ray Lewis ended Hines Ward's career when he knocked him out LOL, your little back up QB cried like a little B*tch cause you guys finally beat us after being stomped 3 times in a row.

I have ONE LAST WAR in my blood. And im seriously letting you LOSERS know....DO NOT COMMENT to impress your friends lol. DONT DO IT....ask around first. OK, cause i will RUIN your life on here. I will embarass you so bad, you might want to put some cement shoes on and drown yourself in that sh*tty water they call 3 rivers the home of the water rats.

WHY do i hate Pittsburgh aka Sh*ttsburgh, they got me FIRED at 2 newspapers where i was writing at. THEY ruined my writing career. And when you do that....i RUIN YOU. So Go HIDE lock the doors cause i wanna throw up on your faces.

And grab some cause Memorial Day at gonna school people like NEVER before seen in internet history. Paybacks a B*tch!! You got something to say...I ADVISE YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH, or i will grab my YELLOW SQUELLER towel after i wipe my *ss with it, and shove it down your throat......I DARE YOU TO STEP UP. You just awoke the sleeping giant!
Tim "Trailer Park Trash" Lumber
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