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Default Re: TIM LUMBER: Memorial Day SQUEELER FANS....10pm ONE LAST WAR!

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
Holy shit this guy has a facebook page!!! It's like Christmas, my Birthday, and Easter all rolled into one magical holiday. Pure entertainment.

This picture of him in his trailer home, holding his fluffy Pomeranian, making a peace sign, all tatted up with prison bitch tattoos... priceless. All that's missing is a proper wife beater.

There's Dumber's mistress! Ladies and Gents, the wh0re owl-dog. And that's not a peace sign he's throwing... he's tipping which two fingers he'll violate the dog with. Not smart, Timmy. Photographic evidence of your rampant bestiality is gonna get you locked up again. If I'm not mistaken, that will be your 3rd strike and a long haul in the pen getting butt-slammed by the other inmates. Waitaminute.... that was probably your plan all along considering your appetites. You really are somewhat of a genius in that respect, I guess.

I wave my private parts at your aunties, you heaving lot of second-hand electric donkey bottom biters.
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