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Default Re: Mad Propers to ESPN (World Cup Related)

Look, I know the rest of the World loves the sport, so I want to be careful in the exact way I rip this POS sport apart. I start by establishing, AGAIN, that I played it and gave it a fair shake, and this was WAY back in the day, probably circa 1983 or so.

It's just horrible. It's the puss-out for parents who are scared to let their kids play REAL contact sports. I remember running for like 3 hours, and sometimes kicking the ball. The worst part was that I was the only athlete on the team, and, although a couple other kids had played more soccer than me, I was the second best player on the team behind the Spanish/Mexican/Rican kid...

Kickers are forged in the hot irons of playing soccer, and Jack Lambert makes no bones about telling you how inportant kickers are to the NFL.
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