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Default Re: The Walking Dead AKA the thing that will RAPE YOUR HEART

Originally Posted by IowaSteeler927 View Post
I've been wanting to play it. Between work and everything I don't play games nearly as much as I used to. Not for a lack of wanting to play, just don't have the time. I played the demo and enjoyed it. One of these days I'll pick up the retail copy and play through it. I'm actually a huge Walking Dead fan. I watch the TV Series religiously and I've completed both Compendium #1 and Compendium #2 of the graphic novels that cover issues #1 through #96.
it shits all over the show writing-wise and is on par with the comics. I actually thought the second episode was written by Kirkman himself when I was playing through it. It really helps that you make all the choices, and there are some really tough ones, both split second choices and longer, more thought out decisions. You're gonna enjoy it when you play. My girlfriend doesn't even like games and she made me wait for her to play that's how much she enjoyed the story.
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