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Originally Posted by lovejoy71
great question. i have some as well, because that is quite a broad statement.
can anybody be under the age of 30 and be a real steelers fan?
so what about people who lived in pittsburgh, left and then had children and their children are steelers fans?
are they any less fans?
how many steelers fans would there be in pittsburgh if they never won a super bowl?

i was not born in pittsburgh nor have i ever lived there, i vist often and i am a diehard fan!
living in the midwest, i live in the indy area but travel to ciny, detroit and chicago a bit. i get crap every week for being a steelers fan. something steelerfan12 probally does not get living in the burgh.
I hear you loud and clear fellow Indiana Steelers bro. Only reason I'm out here is my mom and dad moved out here before I was born. If they wouldn't have moved I would have been born around the Burgh like them. But they installed that Pittsburgh Pride in me. I'm a diehard Steelers and Pirates fans. Yes thats right I love the Buccos as well and can't wait until the day they have a winning team again.

I must say I havn't seen alot of Steelers bandwagon jumpers out here in IN. After the Pats recent run. Pats fans started popping out all around me. But most of my friends are Bears fans. I have some that switch to the Bears or Colts. What ever which is good they root for. Alot of football fans do hate the Steelers. Like my boss who is a Dolphins fan. He tells me all the time. I got sick of the Steelers during the 1970's since they won all the time. Doesn't make sense to me since the Phins also won 2 Super Bowls that decade. but thats what he says. My Stepdad is a Bears fans. He said the same thing. He got sick of the Steelers winning all the time during the 1970's.

There are Steelers fans all over the world. Thats what makes Steeler Nation so great. I dated a girl from Germany. She had no clue about American Football. Her time with me I taught her all about football and the Steelers. Till this day she still follows the Steelers. She sent me a email when we won Super Bowl XL and she said she watched the game and tries to watch the Steelers when she can in Germany.
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