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Originally Posted by lovejoy71
great question. i have some as well, because that is quite a broad statement.
can anybody be under the age of 30 and be a real steelers fan?
so what about people who lived in pittsburgh, left and then had children and their children are steelers fans?
are they any less fans?
how many steelers fans would there be in pittsburgh if they never won a super bowl?

i was not born in pittsburgh nor have i ever lived there, i vist often and i am a diehard fan!
living in the midwest, i live in the indy area but travel to ciny, detroit and chicago a bit. i get crap every week for being a steelers fan. something steelerfan12 probally does not get living in the burgh.

I live in MI and have been a Steeler fan for decades and will die a Steeler fan. I have been to one Lions game and that was the Lions/Steelers (the coin toss game).
I have no ties to Pittsburgh but I do attend a few steeler games a year. I am not even close to a bandwagoner. It is not easy being a Steeler fan in rival teritory, being a Steeler fan in Pittsburgh would be a cinch. When everyone you work with is also a Steeler fan, try being a Steeler fan where NFL alliances fall between Lions, Brown, Bengals, Colts, & Bears and you live in their territory and you work with these fans. Your relatives, your friends are fans of one of these team. A Steeler fan not living in Pittsburgh has alot to deal with. You NEVER hear one word when the Steeler team or Steeler team member does something good, but let happen like what happened to Ben last week and that is ALL you hear.
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