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Originally Posted by lamberts-lost-tooth
Steeler fan since 1974...Lived in Illinois all my life...My son is now 12 and bleeds gold/black and also lived in Illinois his whole life.

Some of you are too young to remember but in the middle and late 70' were a fan of either 1) your homestate team 2) Cowboys 3)Steelers ...(this was back in the day when you had 4 channels to choose from and as a kid YOU were the TV remote for you dad.)

The Steeler nation is made up of LOYAL fans from coast to coast and they have since grown into adults and now have kids... My boy has never been anything BUT a Steeler fan.

You can no more question an out-of-staters loyalty then I can question why you are not an Eagles fan.

When Pitt lost the AFC championship during Ben's Rookie season...I saw my tough pre-teen son get teary false bad-jumping attitude there brother!

I notice that your profile mentions Madden football alot....How old did you say you were.
Your so right bro. My mom and dad moved to Indiana before I was born. You only had the choice of watching 4 channels. There was no NFL Sunday Ticket when you were growing up. Nobody should question our loyalty as out of stafe fans.

About your son getting teary eyed after lossing that AFC title game. One of my earliest Steelers memories is the Steelers lossing to the Denver Broncos in the playoffs. Bubby Brister was the QB so it was the late 1980's. I was so crushed and sad after that. So I can relate to your son. But Super Bowl XL made that go away for all of us fans that didn't experience the Steel Curtain glory days.

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