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Default Hello From Amsterdam- Query about London...

Hello all-

First all, greetings from Amsterdam (yep, the one in Holland) from a 27 year old Pittsburgh gal who wandered a ways away from home for graduate school. :) But still got my Polamalu jersey and will head to a nearby Aussie bar on Sunday evenings when it's an afternoon game back home (six hour time difference...).

I basically joined cause I have a question- I've never seen the Steelers play live (when growing up if my dad got two tickets he'd take my brother, not me) and the London game is looking like the best chance I'll have in the next few years to reach that dream of seeing the Steelers play. So if there's a better forum for me to re-post this at please direct me as I didn't spot it in my search, but in short I'm planning to buy a scalped ticket and head to London for the weekend... but I have no one to go with! (Seriously, unless you're a Steelers fan you're probably not dropping a few hundred bucks on a ticket- even my few American friends are not interested, I've asked around.) Traveling solo I don't mind at all as I do it a lot, but the first time you do anything you're a little hesitant, and basically I think it might be a little weird to go to a game by yourself cause you miss out on the camaraderie w friends or what not. Am I way off base here?

Just thought I'd ask some experts on the topic before I invest a few hundred dollars in going over! Thanks.
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