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Default Re: Super Bowl XXXVI???

Originally Posted by bigbensgirl7
I saw this article posted on CincyBengals and found it interesting. I posted it in the BF because it might get some of the Pats fans going, but it is on a rams site so it might be a little biased. Anyways, I just thought it was a good here it is!
This has been going around for, oh, 2 months or so.

Hey, let 'em bitch. I play for the next game, not a game years ago. I was talking with the guys over at Cold Hard Football Facts about this article and they brought up a good point. If you actually read the insanity, you can't even begin to debate it since they believe the most ridiculous things. Half of their "facts" are not even correct.

But, hey, if it helps them sleep at night, go for it. The best part was they had to shut the message boards down (at the official Rams site) because so many of their own fans were infighting about how stupid this whole thing was. I mean, what was their point/goal, to have the game reversed? Get over it.

Doesn't get me going in the slightest. The '05 season is about to start, and we're raising our 3rd banner. Stay in the past if you'd like, I'm looking towards the futrure.


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