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Default Re: Super Bowl XXXVI???

I didn't really say I believed all of it, I just thought it was interesting. If it were to come from a source other than the Rams fans...I might look at it a little harder. But at the same time, they don't discredit what the Pats have done lately (the past 2 years). When reading the presentation, I did think a lot of it was pushing it, but on the other hand I did see some good points too. Anyways, I don't really care what happened in that game, because we weren't there! I was just bored at home after the fireworks and so I took the time and went through the presentation.
Just so you know, I didn't post it to get you guys started, I just posted it for people who wanted to read it. I think most of the fans here would take it with a graion of salt since it is a little biased coming from rams fans. And I will say the Pats have accomplished some great things and unfortunately they have gone through Pittsburgh to get there twice, which sucks for us, but they do have 3 rings and they definately deserve credit for that.
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