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Default Who are the NFL pretenders?

Going to try to keep my own football threads here so I have more leeway with mods when you bitches start spewing your hatred at Tom.


Who do you guys think are still playing with fool's gold in the AFC?
Texans seem to think they just need to avoid injuries to avoid a sure-bet Superbowl (lol)

Bronco fans think they're for real. Their fans are basically Rex Ryan and in their mind they're the off season champions. "Peyton! Peyton, Blah Blah Blah." I'm not scared of them at all.

If you want my opinion, both of these teams are full of shit.

I think the Packers are way overrated and everything about them is overrated. I think Rodgers is overrated, not to say he isn't awesome. I think their coach is an unoriginal, uncreative blockhead idiot (young, less fat Andy Reid?)


Not sure what people are even expecting out of the defending champions, so hard to say if they're pretending to be anything.
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