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I have been around long enough to enjoy the Steelers of the 70's and all the way through to today.
It is not an age or location that makes a Steeler fan, it's an ATTITUDE!! like the Sig says "it's not just football it's STEELERS football" Anyone who chooses to become a fan after the lastest Super Bowl is not necessarily a "bandwagon jumper " they are just a fan who has come to their senses and realized who the best team is!
There is no other team in football that has such a loyal fan base as the Steelers, it's the Steeler Nation, not America's team or the 13th thing in Seattle. We are a nation that constantly has new immigrants that are welcomed, but be aware when you come into the Steeler Nation you must forsake all others forever, don't just come for the good times.
I'll step down off the soap box now....
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