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Default Most Idiotic Fans in the NFL?

I'm going with Bronco fans.
I post on 3 forums. Here, Patriots forum, and once in awhile Denver's (just to fuck with them)

Look how fucking stupid these people are.!!!

And this is basically what they've sounded like for the last two seasons I've posted there. I don't think there's any fan base in the league as daft as these morons.
Every time I post here, it's me effortlessly bitch-slapping an army of retards.

I'm really starting to think people in Colorado are just moronic. Maybe it's the elevation?

I've lurked around during football seasons, when looking for news, on a lot of different forums when their teams are for some reason relevant (winning, in the news, whatever).

Raven fans seem to know their shit. Steeler fans seem to know their shit. Even Jet fans pretty much know their shit.

These guys are literally stupid. Real stupid as well as football stupid.

This isn't a troll. It's actually an observation. I sincerely think they have a stupid fan base, by and large,

I mean noticeably stupid. Low on the evolutionary scale stupid. Real stupid.

So stupid it's worth sharing stupid.

Yes, that stupid.
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