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Default Re: The Steelers' Mt. Rushmore

Originally Posted by Bane View Post
Some would argue Rod Woodson and Mel Blount over Troy Polamalu. I think Troy is the best DB we've ever had, and one of the greatest safeties (I could even see an argument for second best) of all time.

My biggest issue with PFT's is Terry Bradshaw being in the top 4. Nostalgia has made Terry better than he was. I think Big Ben is a better QB than Terry was ever capable of being.
Bane, have you ever watched game tapes of TB back in the day? Not just highlights, but actually tapes where you get to see every play? TB was not that good. Not compared to the better QBs since the 70s. Not even close. He wasn't that accurate and he lacked touch. Most of his plays were helter skelter. He DID come through in the clutch; I will give him that. But play for play, Ben is far better. TB would not have won the two SBs Ben did with those same teams, IMO. So I agree with you.
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