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Default The greatest horror game you've never heard of

and by that i mean it's the greatest horror game ever and the greatest game you've never heard of, uh, ever.

i dont know how many people here like horror games, but i adore them. the best one ever is an obscure little ditty that was only ever released in korea in 2001 called White Day. you play as a kid who wants some tang or something in a big school haunted by many ghosts and a janitor you cannot fight.

the most amazing thing about this game is that it's free. like i said, it was only ever released in korea, and before the studio could release it overseas they went under, so it became abandon ware, which allowed a smaller dev studio modify it and rewrite it for english computers with translations. it's amazing and scary and was ahead of its time and never got any love. anyone who likes good games should check it out.

less than half a gig.
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