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Default Re: Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway...

Originally Posted by Maidenarcher

Let's just face reality...I don't care if you're a elephant or a jackass.....Most, if not all politicians have no idea or concern about what the people want. They are in politics for themselves and not because they want to be a servant to the public....You do the best you can as an American to vote according to your ideas or beliefs...Then after they get your vote and become elected they totally change directions politically on important issues to please Washington instead of the constituents that voted them into office.
What gets really old is all of the ignorance of the American people who just continue to point the finger from one party to the next....The Democrats blame the Republicans and vice versa....They are all to blame.....Perhaps some more and others less.....
Great post Archer,

I guess its second nature to have these debates develop into a Dems v Repubs debate - but I dont feel that is what its really all about.

Over in the UK, we have the same thing - people are dying of preventable diseases in our hospitals, and all the useless politicians can do is try and score points of the opposition - "If the previous administration hadn't left us in such a bad situation......."

I think we all deserve a little better than what amounts to a school yard p*ssing contest between the people we elect.

There are some hugely important subjects up for debate each and every day - stuff that directly affects me and you - and alot of us fall into the trap of treating it like backing your football team when they are going through a rough patch.

Originally Posted by Livinginthe past
Its good that people are becoming aware of this, lets hope it doesnt become another pro-Bush/ anti-Bush mudslinging exercise - there are much bigger issues at stake here.
If left to their own devices most Governments will try and screw you, it doesn't matter if they are Republican, Democrats, Conservative or Labour - most of them are out to improve their lot in life - if we want them to do our bidding (as they as paid to do) then they should be held accountable for every decision they make.

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