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Default Re: States consider drug testing welfare recipients

Originally Posted by SteelCityMom View Post
Of course we should help people get clean and employed. I never stated we shouldn't. But if it's going to come down to your job or your drug habit, and you choose your drug habit, then you don't deserve the assistance, and need to go on to the next step of either going to rehab or sucking it up and learning how to be self-reliant. If that means turning to a life of crime, then have fun in jail. I just don't want to pay for someone while they can't even take simple steps to better themselves.
But you then have to take the kids. That's pricey. Jail is expensive, and they do get food there. Some of these people aren't all there mentally, some are damaged from war, some from bad chemicals and bad choices. The system doesn't weed out the cause of the particular problem very well since that costs money and there isn't the public will to pay for lifetime treatment for the mentally incapacitated. Whatever the system, it has costs. The kind of filtering needed to know for sure who the ones are who deserve to be pitied vs the ones who deserve to be flushed costs more than is available. But I'm for little tweaks here and there like you suggested. It the "easy answer" people I have a problem with. All the problems with easy answers were solved last week.

All generalizations are dangerous.
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