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Default Re: Question (2nd Amendment related)

The gun issue?

I'm just saying, if there's this much of a divide in beliefs, where there really can be no compromise, what's the point?

We have no borders. We won't have a national language for long. Half the people believe in liberty, half the people believe in Statism.

At what point do we admit we're a country on paper only?

But yes, I 'spose this is off topic. Was more thinking out loud more than advocating.

Still, the fact remains, if you consider the things that actually make a nation a nation (borders, language, culture seems to be a sound definition), we don't meet that criteria at all.

But back to the topic at hand.

Guns are good. Only tyrants don't believe a people should be armed.
The facts are indisputable: The more gun laws, the more crime, the less liberty.
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