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Default Re: Ben will be fined. Driver fined also.

Originally Posted by Cipratiug
There is alot of talk about Ben on t he threads. what about Holmes? I dunno about the rest of ya, but for 26 years i've been waiting for another super bowl to come to pittsburgh and now that we got one we're getting alot of bad luck. alot of these NFL players think they can just do and say what ever they want. Holmes needs kicked off the team. We don't need a T.O in Pittsburgh, and i'm pretty sure that everyone can aggree with me on that. There is no room for error for this team this year. after what they prooved last year, every nfl team is going to be looking at us to take the title from. It will not be hard to trash us up and down the feild if we have a team that isn't playing right, and doesn't have their head in the game. God smiled down upon the Steelers 7 months ago. Let's hope he is still doing it.
give him one season before you get your panties in a bunch. We don't even know if he is guilty of this second charge.
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