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Default Re: The Anderson Silva era is over!

Originally Posted by jacobo View Post
rip to the greatest

yinz haters

I'll grant that Silva is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, MMA fighter of all time, but his classless taunting of opponents is what turned me off to him. He's done this sort of thing for far too long and it's about time someone knocked the shit outta him for it. I can understand it if you are in a heated grudge match, but he's been doing this to everyone and it has no place in MMA. He got his comeuppance and I loved it. If that makes me a hater, so be it.

Originally Posted by harrison'samonster View Post
i don't watch much mma, but is it typical to have your hands down at the side like that?

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Nope, not typically. He was doing that, and has been doing that, for awhile now. He does it to taunt and aggravate his opponents. To his credit, he normally got away with it, but this past Saturday was an exception. Dropping your hands like that in an MMA fight is stupid and disrespectful. You should see the entire fight as this little snippet doesn't show how much taunting he did. It started midway through the first round and carried over into the second (and even in between rounds). He paid the price for it this time.

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