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Originally Posted by ARKIESTEEL
I have never been one to realy stir trouble but this is a post I cant let fly. I dont feel that i have to explain or defend my love for the Steelers, folks who know me know the truth. Not to be mean but your lack of education is palin to see in your spelling and the words you choose to use. Please save the gangster talk for your young freinds it barely is understandable. I see by your profile madden is your job so i take it your on summer break from middle school. I will leave you with this and post nothing else to you ever agian think before you talk look around and see that the Steeler nation is a lot more than just the city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh may be the center of this nation and our holy city but there are many of us from the UK to NYC and all parts in the middle that love the Steelers and have for a great long while.

sorry to anyone this may offend
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