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Angry Re: File charges against Martha Fleishman (person who hit Ben)

I got one thing to say. Millions, probaly billions of accidents happen every day. This woman is already recieving threats and stuff. Just let her be. Her rep is already in the toilet, she HAS to be feeling guilty. She got fined. She will probaly have to move because no one is going to leave her alone. She's sixty two years old. I think she everyone ought to just leave the lady alone. She got fined, and if I were her I would be very depressed. So just leave the poor lady alone.
I don't think Ben will sue her, since he wasn't wearing a helmet, and he doens't have a license. He knows when he won't win.
There was minimal harm done. Let's all just keep our fingers crossed that Ben is will be on the field for the first game. Worse could have happened
Currently worried about benny
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