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Default Re: Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway...

Originally Posted by Suitanim
Wow...maybe it's too obvious, so let me try again.

NAFTA...North American Free Trade Agreement...create BLOC of Canada/US/Mexico to compete globally with seperate European and Pacific Rim Bloc's.

This highway is going to be used to ship goods FROM THE FAR EAST through Mexico and into the US. Who gives a shit about who signed off on this, or the unions being cut out of the deal? The entire irony lies in the fact that goods that were SUPPOSED to be manufactured cheaply in Mexico (the central tenet of the whole reason NAFTA was enacted in the first place) are actually being manufactured in China. This defeats the whole purpose of NAFTA.

NAFTA should be repealed immediately...
IMHO, that was the reason for NAFTA on paper. It sounded nice and gave the politicians a reason to pat themselves on the back in spite of much dissent. But if you look at who essentially wrote and lobbied for NAFTA legislation you'll find gigantic multinational corporations. They didn't care about Pac Rim vs. N. America vs. Europe. They are global and just more favorable market conditions. Agreement like NAFTA and groups like the WTO force nations to operate their economies at the lowest common denominator.

So I guess that I am not going to try to hold my breath until our government repeals it. Its here to stay because corporations pay the campaign bills. IMHO.
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