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Default Re: Holmes Released. Pleads Not Guilty.

Originally Posted by Atlanta Dan
Ummmm... "Nobody's injured" and the woman showing up to say the perp should be released is fairly typical DV after the inicident behavior - just because no bones were broken and there are no bruises (aka "nobody's injured") is not a denial Holmes slapped her around or threw her into a wall.

This woman is not going to derail her gravy train by pushing this now that she has calmed down and spoken with those who have reminded her there are good $$ in letting bygones be bygones.

Holmes screwed up (again) - it needs to stop and stop now
absolutely correct. my fiancee works DV cases for the d.a.'s office so i hear of these types of cases every day.

the question is if ohio allows the accuser to drop charges or if , like new mexico, once a police report is filed, its up to the state to file the charges, taking it out of a wishy washy victims hands.

regardless, it does need to stop. i dont know too much about willie reid, but im thinking he will be the one with the fire and hunger that makes ward wanna take him under his wing and show him the path he followed to becomming a sb mvp.
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