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Default Re: In Honor of "The Wretched Mass"

4. I already own an Associates degree in Afrikan Amerikan history. Oh yeah, don't call me stupid because I used a "K" instead of a "C"...if you knew anything (which I'm guessing you don't) you would know that the "K" is symbolic. I will respect anyone who can tell me why the "K" is symbolic.
I didn't know what the "K" meant.....I thought he was a KKK. Thanks to Shannon from, I now know. I guess I should study up on my black history.

And just so that everyone knows... the "k" is symbolic in the Afrikan culture because the alphabets, which came out of ancient Alkebulan now known as Afrika, did not include a C.
If you are a man of your words Wretched, you must now respect Shannon. This is probabally gonna be harder than getting that degree for someone like you
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