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Default Re: Great Quote..For Steeler Fans Only!

Originally Posted by LambertIsGod58
Ran from people like you? Now that is funny. You run a bottom-feeder site. The only reason I was on there to begin with is people like WretchedMass post crap on here. And to show how much class your site has, all you can say is "it's not our problem". I'm done going back and forth with people that have no objectivity. If that's running after as many messages as I posted than so be it.

Wretched Mass is not dipshit.. And you arent exactly upholding any sort of reputation for this site if thats how it works.. (I know it doesnt guys.. The site here is cool.. Just tryin to make a point)

You continually down the site, but keep coming back? Should I ban you so you dont accidentally wander into the lair (and get torn apart again!)?

And if you DO decide to come back, bring some friends.. You are the poorest smacker I have ever seen
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