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Default Re: AFC Divisional Breakdown

I have zero idea what this means:

Pat Kirwan of has an article about depth in the NFL. He says the Pittsburgh Steelers are second to the New England Patriots. I'll bet the New England Patriots also have the best cheerleaders, best locker rooms, best beer and the best lawn crew in the league. And as soon as they miss the playoffs, they will AGAIN have no fan support. Gotta love the loyalty.
Your ridiculous jealousy for our franchise's success is comical. Nice try playing the no fan support card. No only is it not true, but it makes your homer-ridden article that you put a lot of good hard work into a joke.

But then again, when your "glorious" franchise continues to come up short, especially against us in the playoffs, all you have to hang onto is the threads of a once-domiant dynasty.

A real in-depth article wouldn't have to stoop to such pathetic lows, and instead would have pointed thed out that the loss of Weis is the major concern, but Eric Mangini is a more than capable replacement DC who has been waiting in the wings for over two seasons, in turn rejecting offers from Oakland, Miami and Cleveland. But nah, it's easier to play the incorrect loyalty card. Nice job.

Also, way to point out things wrong with your team, oh that's right, there is none. The same broken record I hear year after year. Know who I hear it from? Every Steeler fan on earth, yet the same result happens. I take the high road and not rub it in, instead waiting a few weeks to pass to start talking again.

Anyway, I appreciate the work and effort it must have taken you tp write this, and you make some valid points, but don't hide what this really is, a fluff-piece for the Steelers. And please save the, "It's a Steelers site!" talk as well. This was presented as a look and breakdown of the AFC, not a homer piece.



P.S. I think this was my first post which will make you guys hate me. Sorry, but I need to stand up when false items are presented.

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