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Originally Posted by Killer View Post
I thought Tomb Raider was better than the last Uncharted - but maybe that's just me

what pisses me off is these companies sell add-ons, then package a deal with all the add-ons later on down the road after I bought them

PS3-exclusive Lara Croft compilation of Underworld, Anniversary, Legend priced at $40.
You can buy add-on's separately, or day one with a "Season-Pass". I bought the season pass for The Last of Us at $19.99, which'll give me three multiplayer map-packs and a single-play expansion. These four add-on's would probably cost $9.99 separate from the season-pass, so it's a good deal. Sony Computer Entertainment publishing is very good with value. Others, not so much.

Have you played your copy of The Last of Us yet?

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