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Default Re: Tom Brady's Diary

Dear Diary, Today I awoke and noticed something different. I am beginning to get some hair in my special place. Mom and BB told me this day would come but I have waited so long. I am finally becoming a man. I think today I will try and play my position as a man and not whine so much when another player comes within earshot of me. Giselle is so proud, she referred to my new addition as wisps of baby dust bunnnies around my "little smokie". I may even take my towel off in the locker room shower instead of just standing there staring at the other guys. Wish me luck, oh joy.

An addendum: Oh I am so sad I have not stopped crying since I left the locker room. The nerve of those guys, Do they not know who I am? I had a great practice, first I only squealed twice when one of the rookies came close to touching me,( and not in a good way) and BB took care of that nonsense right away and put those rooks in their place, then one of the practice guys brushed me on my follow through. OMG he touched me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually pooped a little in my uniform, just a little. Well after that I was in the mood for a shower (with the guys this time and not as a stalker) so I undressed demurely in the corner and wrapped a towel around me and made my triumphant entrance. I coughed to bring attention to me and I then dropped the towel for dramatic effect, I did not get the reaction I so wanted. I believe I even heard a few chuckles and then someone from the back said "Damn, if the water gets any colder he could disappear completely." I cried in the shower but the water mixed with my tears so it went unnoticed, at least until I started convulsing uncontrollably. What began as a great day ended so badly, I miss Wes so much.

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