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Default Re: Tom Brady's Diary

Dear Diary, Why does the world not see me for my awesomeness? I mean outside of Boston and the surrounding area, outside of the NFL network, outside of ESPN, outside of Roger's office I am viewed as a pussy, (yuck I even hate saying the word, if I was viewed as a Dick I could relate). I am a former NFL MVP, three time winning Superbowl Champ, and I am beautiful, dammit. Just because BB used film to give us an edge in our wins is not my fault, just because they invented a rule to help me to my first SB and then do away with it is not my fault. Just because they protect my beautiful face and gorgeous legs, is not my fault. But to the barbarians of the rest of the NFL I am viewed as a whiny, pampered. spoiled prima donna QB who has not won a SB since all of those things. I am so sad, Wes gone, Gronk hurt, and Aaron in the big house. Well at least Aaron said he could hook me up with some conjugal visits and introduce me to some new friends. Ta ta for now diary, you are the only one who understands me.
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