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Default Re: the steelers are gone.

lol my wife is a huge car person.. racing. working on them.. building them... i don't anything about cars... she bought a mustang, and and made it run a 10 second quater mile. I drive a Nissan Sentra. One night we were playing around and stopped at a red light. and i tried to run her. well i was in the lane that turned on the interstate. and instead of slowing down and admitting defeat. i kept driving so she couldn't get over, so she had to get on the interstate behind me and behind another car. to make a long story short. i beat her home. and i made the comment. "it's not about the start of a race, and and the length of it. It's about who crosses the finish line first" and that is how the steelers orginization has always been. They start off and a steady pace. But they will finish the race on top. and i have to add this comment just because i hate Peyton Manning. Everyone talks about how many records he has broken during his career. if someone runs a 100 yard dash, and runs 98 yards in 5 seconds they've broken all kinda records. but if it takes them 30 min to finish those last 2 yards they still lose the race. which is what he does every year.
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