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Default Re: The NRA Is Keeping A Massive Secret Database of Gun Owners

Originally Posted by Killer View Post
I still get their mailings because I was a member 20 years ago...I take their free stickers and throw the rest away.....of course I stlll get phone call from the FL State police because about 10 years ago I once made a donation to them - now they call me every year - I keep telling them I'm on Do-No-Call list - but they never listen.

as for gun groups, there are better organizations out there

Gun Owners of America

"The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washingotn" - R. Paul (R. TX)

another really good one

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership
That FL state cop thing is a total lie. Almost none of the $ goes to "at risk kids" or whatever they claim. They are most obnoxious, aggressive pricks ever. I used to actually give to them until I figured out it was a scam. The vast majority of the $ doesn't go to anything cop related. My wife told them we don't want them to call anymore and the caller said, "You aren't the boss of me, I don't have to do what you want me to." How F-ing rude. They also mess with caller IDs so you answer the phone. One time the called ID said, "Utilities" as if it was the water or electric co. calling. Another time it said, "phone company." That is probably illegal to do. Now, as soon as I know it's them, I simply hang up. They don't even deserve a "I am not interested" comment. Just hang up, no more energy needed than that.
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