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Default Re: Week 4 PS Gameday thread: Steelers @ Panthers

Originally Posted by FrancoLambert View Post
Not true IMO.

These were real and legitimate regular season results after real and legitimate preseason games. It's data that can be analyzed and interpreted.

What's the basis for totally dismissing the results? Because it's preseason?

Not trying to be argumentative here but I don't buy the "no worries" approach.

.500 was the best record.

There's a pattern there for sure.
Also, I recall the Lions winning all preseason games and losing all 16 games in the regular season. Hell, I remember the Raiders going 3-1 in the preseason in 2006 or 2007 and finishing the season 2-14. Couple that with the Colts going 0-4 in the 2005 preseason and winning 13 straight games in the regular season, and no, i'm not worried at all. We have a lot of young players on the field the preseason, and the team looked good in game 3 (the only one that matters).

Also, contrary to popular belief, the 1982 Redskins won the Super Bowl after going winless in the preseason, and the 1990 Bills and 2000 Giants made it to the Super Bowl after going winless.

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