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Default Re: I just remembered something on our first game against the Ravens...

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Tomlin showed he can? Please bro, the steelers have consistently gotten weaker every season under Tomlin. If ur happy with 8-8 and shitty discipline then good for you.

Almost had a mutiny? Ha ha man. Perennial playoff coach, multiple afc championship appearances and and most recently a superbowl win with 98% of his own players. John built and coaches his own team. Dude went from a special teams coach to a superbowl winning head coach and has nothing but success doing it. An "almost mutiny" is a pathetic argument on your behalf. Tomlin has had locker room issues as well. He couldn't even get a second year wide receiver to act like he should. Problems with a vet RB, not to mention the reoccuring highschool mistakes and penalties the team has been making and can't seem to correct. Tomlins good for his age but harbaugh is waaaay better.

Like I said. Be happy with 8-8 and the other seasons Tomlin had that fell apart in the second half of the season. Tomlin ain't as good as u think man. Take the blinders off bro.
After that classic first line you lost all credibility. But, I read the rest of it for a laugh.

It's a weak argument? I guess facts are a weak argument.

"Consistently weaker" means 5-3 in the postseason and 3-0 against Harbaugh in the playoffs?

I guess there's no reasoning with crazy. I mean, you are using the "COWHER'S PLAYERS" argument which means that it's completely well thought out and not at all ridiculous or asinine.

The worst part about all of this is I'm not even sure if you're serious here. If you're trolling it's excellent. If you're not, there's an article on Deadspin you should read about how every other fan in the NFL hates Steelers fans because we're spoiled assholes and bitch about Tomlin. You're essentially saying Harbaugh is a better coach than Mike even though he can't win against him. That's completely lucid.
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