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Default Thanks for playing.

Oh...poor figg.

His dumb ass went and posted that "test me" crap over at and got himself banned for like a week. I know thats a sad goal but it was nice not having to hear his idiotic, Ben Ben dick sucking bullshit for a few days.

Thank you figg for doing exactly what I had hoped you a complete moron and post that shit over there...

Oh yeah, by the way, thanks for making a poll on weather to ban me. Lemme guess, figg the fagg started it right?? Is this "getting back at me" working for ya' figg? Cause if thats what you're trying to say, all I've been hearing is "I'm figg, Look at how pathetic I can be"

Next subject: To the squeeler homer that posted this:

"Stomp: You said, the Cincinnati Bengals will win the AFC North, at 11-5, will be the best offense in the AFC North and a defense that breaths up-and-coming.

The Cincinnati Bengals wouldn't win 11 games next year if you were counting preseason. Carson Palmer is a good QB, I will give him that, (He's better than Kyle Boller). Chad Johnson is a great WR, but you need more than that. Rudi Johnson is a good RB, but if your team really thought he was that good, why did you draft Chris Perry last year? TJ, who would be a good #3, wanted to come to Pittsburgh, but we didn't want him. Every other WR on your team is a #4 at best. Sure RJ was not originally going to have the role that he did last year but he sure as hell stepped up the to challenge and broke Dillion the Dickheads's rushing record. He proved he should be the starter. It's a GREAT thing you didn't want TJ...Just look what he's doing for us. #4 at BEST? are you stupid? Peter Warrick is a #4 WR??? Only one of the best slot recievers in the league...can you say "Yards after catch" GODDAMN you are clueless aren't you?

On to the defense. Marvin Lewis, who I said was a good coach, is a defensive specialist. He has less talent than he had when he was the defensive coordinator in Washington, but he couldn't bring in any free agents, because no free agents want to play in Cincinnati. Yes you had a good draft, but how many rookies come in and make that much of a difference their first year in the league. Other than Ben Roethlisberger. Less talent huh? Tory James with 8 picks in 2004....oh yeah and Pro Bowler. Brian Simmons...Even bettis once said that simmos is the hardest hitting LB that he's faced. M. Williams who had ROTY numbers. Not to mention Pollack who was only decorated with THREE defensive awards in his senior year. Also don't go ry when you see Thurman constantly leveling your RB's...Fuck you Ben BS, enjoy your 2004 season from him cause in 3 years you'll be saying "If he had only re-signed ben" cause you'll probably cut him like you guys do w/ most of you good players (i.e. Plex buress, and how much is a fucking TE really gonna help your team??)

It was luck? It was a fluke? If that is all the Cincinnati Bengals fans have to hold on to why the Pittsburgh Steelers are so much better, you can have it. Just remember, we beat you TWICE last year. And every time I think of when we play the Cincinnati Bengals, I remember, Troy Polamalu predicting that he was not only going to INT Palmer, he was going to return it for a TD. Then when he intercepted the ball and RAN OVER Palmer, for the TD, it was just poetic."You guys will never get over the 2004 season will you?, In 20years we'll still be hearing about it. Every time I think about that last bengals, pitt game I think about ben eating dirt SEVEN time and fumbling once only to have one of our no talent players (justin smith) pick it up.

And this as well......

Cincinnati Bengals - Two years ago, when the Cincinnati Bengals signed Marvin Lewis (former Steelers coach) he said that the Cincinnati Bengals would need more than a year. That year they went 8-8. Everyone in Cincinnati was ecstatic. Then they said that they would do better again last year. Again 8-8. Does anyone else see a pattern here? Fact is, Cincinnati has not improved the talent of their team at all. Not their fault, no one wants to play there. They are an EXTREMELY cheap team. They want to spend no money, they wont get betterCheap team? This time you've outdone yourself, this is the stupid thing I've ever heard. TJ got signed to a big, long term contract, Rudi signed a 5 year deal that was also rather large. Carson gets an absorbatant amount of money, He had a $10 million signing bonus alone. CJ has the biggest contract on the team. We'll see what kind of talent we have when your playing out second team in the 4th quarter, TWICE this year, we have some of the best depth in the NFL...go read about it.
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