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Default Re: I just remembered something on our first game against the Ravens...

Originally Posted by Millers the sh!t View Post
Maybe u missed the last four games. 1-3 against John.

If ur disagreeing with tomlins team getting weaker every year then what ur saying is that it's exactly the same or better than when he took over???

Take off the blinders. I'm done arguing with you. Ur argument is weak and holds no water.

Sorry to have to point this out to you, but Tomlin took over an 8-8 team, then went 10-6 the next year, and won a SB the next.

John Harbaugh's team of "mostly his guys" was on its way to the bottom at midseason last year following a 3 game skid and losing to Charlie Batch. Ray Lewis saved their year for them and deer antler juice took them to the SB.

Last I checked, John Harbaugh did not draft Ed Reed, or Ray Lewis-- the two biggest reasons they won it all last year. But I guess the "winning with some other coach's team" only applies to Mike Tomlin?
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